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Revamp Old Heels With These Quick Tips


A good pair of heels doesn’t come cheap. So, it’s understandable that you’re hesitant to let go of them even when they don’t look the part anymore. Check out these tips on revamping old heels, which let you hold on to them a little bit longer.

A Little Shimmer with Glitter

Fabric pumps lose their glossiness over time. By adding the right amount of glitter, you can breathe some life into them. The process can get messy so it’s best to work in sections and take your time.

Find yourself transparent crafting glue and apply a thin layer of glue onto the shoe using an old paintbrush. Then, carefully sprinkle the glitter onto it. Make sure the glue is fully covered in glitter so it isn’t noticeable. Shake the shoe to take off excess glitter.

Paint the Toes

The toes of your stilettos are prone to wear and tear. You can cover the damage with paint. Choose a color that looks different but complements the current color of the shoe. Get acrylic paint in white and the color you want.

Use masking tape to create a barrier on the shoe to ensure that the paint job on each is identical to the other. Apply a coat of white paint and leave it to dry. Once the paint has dried completely, you can then paint two coats of the color you want.

Rhinestones & Jewels

If you can get your hands on some high-quality rhinestones that complement the base color of your shoe, go for it! Embellishing an old shoe is your opportunity to get creative. Take some inspiration from the internet and let your creative juices flow!

The Comic Book Effect

Mod Podge may not have been made to transfer images onto shoes but it definitely does the job! Cut out small pieces of a magazine or a comic book. Place them on the shoe with the glue. Once all the pieces are set, secure them with a sealant.

Rebel Jane’s Footbands

Wearing Rebel Jane’s footbands is a great way to revamp an old shoe. Our footbands come in various styles and colors. Whether you’re wearing them with a new or old shoe, our footbands will always shine!

Add some edge to a plain black shoe with our Flower Power footband. Keep it classy with our Forever Stripes footband. There are plenty to choose from! Check out our collection online!

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