5 Hacks To Stretch Shoes For A Better Fit

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So you’re almost ready to head out and about to put on those gorgeous heels…only to find them not fitting! We’ve all experienced this near-disaster at least once in our lives. You don’t necessarily need to toss your shoes out or give them away at this point. All they need is a little bit of a stretch and they’ll be good to go!

Learning how to stretch shoes isn’t based on rocket science. But it’s also not always the easiest thing to do, since the stretchiness of the shoe varies from material to material. Try out these simple hacks next time you’re struggling to fit into your shoe!

See If The Cobbler Can Help

While it’s best to buy shoes that fit perfectly, sometimes they just don’t. In this case, a cobbler may be able to help you by adjusting the width or length. They may also offer you guidance on how best to work with certain materials to stretch them out properly.

Break ‘Em In!

While it’s true that with a couple of uses the material will stretch out on its own, you probably don’t want to take the risk. Wear them around the house instead of wearing them outside. This way, if the shoe is absolutely unbearable, you can return it the next day!

Wear Them With Socks

More often than not, your shoes will just need to loosen up by a quarter of an inch. This is pretty easy to achieve by donning thick woolen, wintery socks and then wearing the shoe. Not only does wearing the socks allow you loosen up the shoe, it also prevents you from getting blisters or shoe-sores on account of your snug-fitting shoes!

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Use A Hairdryer

No, it’s not crazy.

Yes, it works.

While you’re wearing the shoes around your house with thick, woolen socks, try loosening up the snug fit using a hairdryer. Aim the hairdryer at the snug spots and switch the appliance to a high heat. Wiggle your foot as you go along so that the material can stretch out easily for a more comfortable fitting.

Use A Leather-Relaxing Spray

This is by far one of the easiest ways to get the job done. Thanks to the wonders of modern science, there are now leather-relaxing sprays available to help the shoe fit you better. Spray the leather-relaxant on your shoe and hold it in place using a shoe stretcher. You’ll have to twist and adjust the mechanical chord to manipulate the shoe’s length and width.

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